With over 15 years of association management experience at all levels, National Professional Services, Inc. will properly manage your association focusing on the key features that make membership associations successful:

  • A strong team at the headquarters to answer the phones and handle the day-to-day issues that members need resolved.
  • Efficient communication to members via mail, fax, email and through the website. Using today's technology to further enhance the benefits of the organization is a key component to managing an association.
  • Solicitation of new members. Growth of an association is imperative to the ultimate financial survival of an organization.
  • Educational opportunities, including sponsored events by the association or through accredited educational institutions.
  • Member benefits. At the most basic level it is said, "Happy members pay their dues," so communication to members needs to be valuable.

In today's association business it is important to have a team that knows marketing, sales, editorial, and plain old customer service. At NPSI it is our goal to never pass calls to another person. Our 'One Call, One Person' policy results in less phone tag and provides callers with the answers they need, when they need it - NOW.

There are three reasons associations make the move to leverage a management company:

  • The time has come when the association can no longer properly operate with volunteers. Staff can be hired, but why, when an association management company provides the offices, staff, desks, hardware and all the other items needed to run a professional organization.
  • Possibly your association does have employees, but the expenses of having a staff, office rent, employee benefits, office equipment, IT services, and more are taking away from the benefits members should be receiving. NPSI is the perfect solution and may be able to leverage some of your current staff to handle the transition and work for NPSI once we take over management.
  • Your current management company is not meeting the expectations of your association's Board of Directors and members. Over-promising and under-delivering is not what happens at NPSI. We meet deadlines and create results.

For more information on the services NPSI provides, click on the link below and request a complete packet. And if you would like to talk with us today, simply give us a call at (877) 743-6806.

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